Tales of another micropreemie…

It’s hard for me to read stories of babies who were born “just like mine” who survived. But this one (link at bottom), in its similarity to my story, really touched me, especially when the author says:

“I decided that we were worthy parents, and one way or another, we would bring a baby into this house and into this room. Juniper deserved all the faith we could muster. If anything happened to her, we would try again, or adopt. We’d poke fate in the eye until fate gave in.”

I love that last line. I asked K to remind me of it every time I needed it, and of course, she took it literally and pokes me when I’m feeling blue :). We’re going to keep poking fate in the eye on this one. One way or another, the looming presence of Mother’s Day will someday be awaited in anticipation and not dread.



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