Things I was concerned about before Ander was born, part two

Preface: I did not know, when I wrote this on my “friends and family hospital bed rest update blog,” that it was the day Ander would be born. Just a few hours later, K would get my panicked text to “come now” because my contraction monitor (on for a routine non-stress test) would be picking up the baby’s decelerating heart. As the snow piled up, her father raced her to the hospital, though the car stalled in a snowbank and K threw the door open and ran the last few blocks. She arrived to the OR before I was put under (an impressive feat), but was forced to wait outside the room, sweating, breathing heavily, dripping snow all over the floor.

I was right to be concerned about the weather.

“Today (Sunday, 1/5/2014, 24.1 weeks), because of this, I’m not so sad I’m stuck indoors. I can see the wind swirling outside my window, and K sends me pictures of the cats enjoying the snow through the picture window and how it’s piling up on the stairs. The only hard part is that this weather makes it much harder for her to come visit me, which is okay today since her parents are in town and I want her to get to spend time with them (emotional support is super valuable!).”


Cat in snow

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1 Response to Things I was concerned about before Ander was born, part two

  1. meghanoc says:

    such an interesting reflection, looking back on the day you had Ander. the things you did, the things you thought hours, moments before your life changed forever. makes me reflect too. makes me wonder if I could go back in time to those hours, those moments…what would I tell myself?

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