An act of intentional optimism

In light of my recent post on Victimhood vs. Survivorhood, this sentence from CarlyMarie’s article today on Still Standing really resonated. “I wanted to stop being a victim and so I became a survivor instead,” she says. She describes the process of recreating herself as the process of not only surviving, but thriving. It’s worth the read, but I’m sure you already clicked on the link and checked it out, right? 🙂

This article also came at the right time because of what happened yesterday. Yesterday, a coworker posted that she had an Original Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for sale, very cheap, to whomever would come take it out of her office. This is something K and I had been looking to purchase back in before land, so I sent the email to her: “Any interest?” “Sure!” she emailed back. “I like being optimistic about these things.”

And that is how we, who are not yet pregnant and don’t even know for certain when we will be, became the owners of a light blue, gently used, Original Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. It was my first act of intentional optimism, and I have to say, it felt great. So great, in fact, that I’m challenging myself to commit weekly acts of intentional optimism. Yes, there is no guarantee I will ever have a healthy baby of my own. But I WILL have a baby. Somehow, someway, somewhen, I WILL.

This is the first step of, hopefully, many to help reframe my negative, anxious thoughts and rebuild the positive and hopeful mindset that my second child deserves. The rebuilding will take intentionally positive, wild, crazy hopeful actions like this one (because to me, this small purchase did seem reckless). But I deserve it, and so do all of my children, who were and who are to come.

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3 Responses to An act of intentional optimism

  1. meghanoc says:

    whoa! this is huge. intentional acts of optimism. hmmm…..i need to channel you a bit.

  2. Emma says:

    I was coming back to your blog to post a Carly Marie pic of a quote on the subject… Seems a little moot now 😉

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