Today is a Day of Hope

No, really – and not just for me, but for the international babyloss community. In case you missed it, you can watch the ceremony here:

(Sorry, my link button isn’t working today. I’ve been having some WordPress issues lately. Anyone else?)

Another part of participating in the worldwide remembrance ceremony was through making a prayer flag, which is explained here:

We suggested that our hospital support group make our prayer flags together, and on our August meeting date, we did. Ours (not very artsy; I’m a knitter more than a general crafter) is below.

Prayer flag in front of the Willis Tower

Prayer flag in front of the Willis Tower

It says AZ (his initials, of course), Brave & Strong (that’s what the name Anderson means!), has the quote “You were loved every minute of your life (you are still loved),” a 1-14 (born January 2014), and a sketch K drew of two people flying a kite, because “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins was a song we sang nearly daily to Ander when he was in the NICU (mostly for the prevalence of the word “UP,” as we wanted his oxygen saturations to follow that command!).

It isn’t super fancy, but it’s nice to participate in something with so many others. Did anyone else know about and/or take part in this project?

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1 Response to Today is a Day of Hope

  1. What a lovely idea, it kind of passed me by which is a shame. I remember begging those oxygen sats to increase, too x

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