Breathe in life

Many of you know that I have come to understand that having a c-section did not make me a birthing failure. In fact, I believe that Cesarean mothers are brave. In this brilliant and beautiful blog entry for the Huffington Post, Kim Simon point out ten important ways that c-sections and vaginal births are the same. Keep fighting to end the mommy wars!

My favorite part, which brought tears to my eyes when I remembered my son’s own traumatic birth:

“Because you’re in charge of your birth, until you’re not. If things go haywire, and the nurses start rushing around, it can be heartbreaking to have your plan pushed aside. Heartbreaking, terrifying, and unexpected. But you still have to breathe. Breathe through your contractions. Breathe into the oxygen mask. Breathe in the anesthesia. Breathe in life, so that you can give life to your baby.”

I did that. I breathed in that anesthesia, and it was terrifying, but I gave my baby 26 days of life. I gave up everything I wanted to give him what he needed in that moment. And isn’t that ultimately what being a parent is all about?

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