Carpe diem, and all that

We have been enjoying this winter.

Considering last winter, I think this is pretty admirable; considering the weather and how much I hate the cold, I think this is also pretty remarkable.

Part of it is for Ander: the hiking, the flying of kites on the glacial beaches. But part of it is for us. Last February, when I was cleared after my six-week postpartum checkup to exercise again, the first thing we did was go cross-country skiing at the Arboretum. The day was cold but sunny; we took our time as I hadn’t been out much in a few months and was therefore pretty weak. But it was glorious, with sun sparkling off the snow. It was probably the first time I had truly smiled and felt at peace since Ander’s death.

This past Saturday, since we finally had enough snow, we went back to the Arboretum to ski. The day was warm – almost too warm – and the snow had turned slushy in spots, but the sun was bright overhead and the day felt rejuvenating. We were faster than last time, as I’m back in decent physical shape, though I did tip over once (no harm done! The benefits of cross-country skiing as opposed to downhill – much less far and fast to fall!). The birds were rejoicing in the good weather, and we were able to share the experience with friends.

We also went to the professional bull riding championships. I had always wanted to see them in real life, and the tickets were the right price; plus, there was barrel racing too (as a kid I was a rider, and I loved barrel racing)! I have to admit, it was a lot slower than it is on TV, which makes sense as the riders have to feel secure before the bull is let out. But I’m still glad I made the plan, invited friends, went out until late on a Saturday night.

This week, we’re heading out after work for dinner and pub trivia with friends, on a weeknight, no less! Today, I’ve also scheduled Saturday brunch with friends who are visiting from NYC, and booked my week-long work trips for March, April and May (whew). I have my spa day planned, and I’m booking all the activities for my sister’s bachelorette party during a break in my work day on Friday.

I’m getting the hang of this “living” thing again.

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