I was at the doctor yesterday and got mostly good news, but a small piece of slightly worrying news. Because I am me, that little bit of worry overshadowed the rest of the visit’s positivity. I was troubled and ruminated on the what-ifs for several hours.

Later that evening, K and I went for a walk. The weather has been warm and wet, but there was a break in the precipitation so we decided to take advantage of the lull and go on a pre-dinner stroll through the park.

The ground was muddy, spring clearly on its way. Because of that, there were robins everywhere. Perching in the trees, covering the park. I’ve never seen that many in one place before.

I have always seen robins as a sign from Ander, and all those robins helped me feel surrounded by his love. I am choosing to believe that this was his way of telling me to celebrate all the good news I got and not to worry over something that is probably nothing. In any case, they certainly cheered me up.

Happy spring!


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2 Responses to Robins

  1. I think your interpretation of seeing so many Robins is wonderful. I hope you are able to continue to celebrate and hold onto the good news. :v

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