Give it a try

Great new quote

I saw this quote today on Twitter and it really just spoke to my heart. This Friday is the two-year anniversary of Anderson’s original due date. What’s in a due date, really, when your child  has a birth date? Every expectant mother has a due date, yet very rarely is a baby born on that exact date – so I don’t know why this year his due date feels more bittersweet than even last year. I think it’s just those “what ifs” that whisper in your mind on milestones like these.

This quote, though, was on the feed of a woman who has been TTC for years, and it perfectly describes my emotions as we worked through trying again, and trying again in the same way (same donor, me carrying again). Consider this quote my gift to you mamas who are thinking that a rainbow pregnancy is impossible, risky, pointless. In some ways, it may be all of those things. But if you’re like me, your heart aches to try again.

Give it a try, mamas. This community is here for you every step of the way.

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2 Responses to Give it a try

  1. Oh yes my heart so aches to try again. Thank you for that quote, I needed to read that. We can be here for each other when the time is right x

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