The funeral home

My coworker’s mother died. This is tragic for anyone, but this particular coworker was a great support to me after Ander died, and has spent the last year herself battling cancer. It is a given that I will be attending the visitation and services for her mother.

Yet… yet… it will be at the same funeral home. “Our” funeral home. Where Ander’s body was taken to be cremated, where we sat with the director and picked out a small box, where we picked up his ashes.

I’ll be back there tomorrow evening, but I’m not sure what emotions await me.

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4 Responses to The funeral home

  1. Michele says:

    I am very sorry, for your friend and the difficult position you are in. You are a good friend. It is so hard to visit those places, good or bad, that touched our children’s lives. I hope it’s an ok experience, hopefully even a little healing. xo

  2. Sending you love at this very difficult time. You are an amazing friend to support her through this time particularly considering the significance of the location.

  3. Sara says:

    Caitlin, this is so hard yet in the good hardworkin soul cleansing kind of way. Ander will be there of course. You think he’d miss a chance to be with his mama in this place? Of course not. His soul will be there, for u, for K, for your friend and for your friends mom.
    Love to all of you. What a beautiful family and community you have created. It is truly admirable. Here on earth and in what comes next. Love to my old friend who followed all the rules and did everything right. My heart aches for you and your family. And yet I rejoice in knowing that you had a son, Ander brought such joy and life-changing energy, that I rejoice in his existence.

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