Good news times two!

I have some exciting news! But first, you must promise me you won’t go to the links in exciting news part one until you read exciting news part two. But read them in order and don’t scroll down! Promise? Really promise?

Okay, then!

Exciting news part one: A few months ago, an LGBT online magazine called Autostraddle put out a call for a series called “Your Mom.” They were looking for queer (I promise, in this circle that’s a politically correct word) people who were newly pregnant or were new mothers. The essay I entered began “I fit your mom description perfectly and not at all.” After all, I was a new mother… but my child was no longer living. I figured they would never choose me, but…

They did!

And yesterday my first essay (of SIX! I was asked to write SIX!) was the featured, front page story!

I am beyond tickled to see Ander’s story in this popular magazine. And I’m so grateful to Autostraddle for making it a priority to include a babyloss mom’s point of view in their series. I have the opportunity to write about our loss, our grief, and most importantly, Anderson’s life.


Exciting news part two: Warning: *sensitive.* If you can guess and want to stop reading now, go ahead and do so, and don’t click on the links above! I won’t mention this again on my blog, as I have a writing outlet now on Autostraddle (so if you want to follow that part of my life, I’ll let you know when new posts in the series are up).

The other reason they chose me:  “After many months of trying again, I am now [24] weeks pregnant with Ander’s sibling: I’m a soon-to-be brand new parent (I hope; we babyloss moms do not speak in absolutes when it comes to getting a take-home baby), but a veteran mother.”

As of today, I am more pregnant than I have ever been. It’s exciting. It’s disconcerting. It’s terrifying. And I’ll be honest: I was never planning on “coming out” on this blog. There is nothing that upset me more when I was in the throes of grief than going to a babyloss blog and finding yet one more person who had moved on without me. But we did announce this on FB over the weekend, and now that my post is on Autostraddle, and people have congratulated me on Twitter… I also wouldn’t want any of you to find out that way and be hurt by the news.

Even announcing on FB seemed premature, though I was 23 weeks at that point. But the big boxing match was too perfect an opportunity to pass up, so I’ll leave you with the announcement.

We posted: “Mayweather and Pacquiao have nothing on this.”


Okay, if you’re still reading, the Autostraddle post is safe for you, though if you’ve read Ander’s birth and NICU story you know it all already :).

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12 Responses to Good news times two!

  1. I am deliriously happy for you!

  2. sheriroaf says:

    So, so happy for you guys!!!

  3. Two really exciting things going on for you! So awesome…all the congratulations in the world!

  4. caroline326 says:


  5. So amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Congratulations on both!! Such a wonderful day!

  7. typhaine says:

    Congratulations on the articles and the baby! Beautiful news!
    (and as a side note, your MA topic is really interesting!)

  8. Kerri says:

    C- I am so excited for you and K! 🙂 Much love.

  9. Gretchen says:

    I am wishing you an uneventful 14-16 weeks ahead. And, always remembering Ander.
    The article is beautiful. It will certainly open the eyes of many readers.

  10. babylossmama says:

    Thank you everyone for your generous, open-hearted replies. I only hope that I am as kind and gracious as you all.

  11. Congratulations – I’m really pleased for you. Wishing you an uneventful remainder of your pregnancy.

    Well done too on the articles. I read the front page one and I completely relate to the sense of how it isn’t fair that despite ‘following the rules’, I also didn’t get to take a baby home from my first pregnancy xx

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