What to say, what not to say

I’m sure I’ve posted on this before, but as I can never find these lists when I need them, it bears repeating (if indeed I even am).

For your archiving pleasure:

“The Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts When Supporting the Bereaved”

What to Say – and What Not to Say – After Someone Has a Miscarriage”

Do these articles speak to you? What would you add/delete?


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1 Response to What to say, what not to say

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Knowing how to respond to other people’s grief is difficult, but I think these articles both give some important tips for how to be present. I also like that they point out all of the things that one shouldn’t say, which I think people say out of some compulsion to say something – it is hard to see someone in pain and acknowledge that you don’t have anything that will make it better. Sometimes we need to lean into the discomfort rather than trying to make it go away.

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