“Life is Beautiful” – A Sermon for Stillbirth

To all my fellow babyloss friends.

End of the Rainbow

After the stillbirth of our twin sons, the church where Patrick serves as a pastor gifted him several weeks of bereavement leave – to recover, to mourn, to comfort his grief-stricken family, and to commune with God. At the same time, the church too was grieving for these two lost boys as well as for the pain of their pastor.

On the first Sunday of Patrick’s return to the church, this grief hovered like a dark cloud over him and over the entire congregation. It was at the forefront of every thought. Courageously, Patrick chose to name this heartache aloud and to vulnerably share his grief with the church, thus robbing the pain of some of its power. And in turn, he hoped that his grief would touch the grief of others, and together they would heal.

This is the sermon that he so bravely preached on this Sunday morning.

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