Refresher day: fun facts

The last few posts have been a bit emotionally heavy for me, so while I have more to say on the topics of winning/losing, prayer/randomness, etc., today I need to take a step back and focus on something a little lighter. So, since it’s the 9th, here are 9 random facts about me.

1. I have been obsessed with kinetic sand ever since I saw it in a cheesy airport display. K got me some for Christmas, and I keep it on my desk and play with it. It’s mesmerizing. It’s a stress reliever. It’s totally cool and OMG how does it do that? Even watching the video of it online zones me out.

2. Another thing we did for Ander’s first birthday was paint the room that would have been his nursery. We chose Porpoise by Behr. This isn’t the room – my photos were too dark – but here’s someone else choosing this color for a nursery:

Someone else's Porpoise nursery

Someone else’s Porpoise nursery

Currently, we use the room as my office and as a guest room. The color, fortunately, looks good for all of those things! I just like having finally done something with that room. Walking by it everyday looking as sad and nursery-less as it did before we lost Ander was depressing to me.

3. Does anyone else have cats with pica? Ours were from a hoarder, so they are probably inbred and have a whole lot of compulsive behaviors, among them chewing on plastic and cords. They have a clean bill of health, so it’s just a nuisance.

4. I’m obsessed with Ling Ling Asian Potstickers from Costco. I work from home on Fridays and make them for lunch pretty much every week. In fact, I plan to start the oven up in about 15 minutes.

5. Relatedly, I have to eat lunch early on Fridays as I have an ice skating lesson every Friday for which I leave at noon. I’ve been figure skating for about three years now. It was the first activity I returned to after Ander died. I love the feeling of skating, I love jumping, and I love trying something new! I just wish I were more flexible!

6. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I just started watching that new show “Child Genius.” I’m not sure what channel it’s actually on as I watch it on On Demand. Actually, the internet just told me it’s on Lifetime. It makes me so uncomfortable but I have an obsession with child prodigies, and I keep justifying it to myself because it is fascinating from a psychological perspective.

7. Why did I choose 9 random facts? I’m running out of ideas. Let’s see. The Chicago wind chill has been -20 or worse for the past several days, so I’ve worked from home Wed-Fri this week. Today is the first of those days that I’m out of my pajamas before 4 p.m. The only reason why is due to #5 above.

8. When I was little, a painter friend of my parents gave them a koala painting for my nursery that had my name and birthday hidden in it. Ever since then, I have believed that the koala is my power animal. That painting, along with a koala night light and stuffed koala, were going to be in Ander’s nursery. I think subconsciously that that’s why I also went with gray for “his” room!

9. I love bird watching. When I was on bedrest last year, K got me a bird feeder that I could see from the bed (the cats liked it, too). This year, we went to Indiana Dunes to watch the fall bird migration, and got up for an 8 a.m. guided bird walk at the Morton Arboretum. I loved it (and we saw a massive red-tailed hawk). This year for Christmas my in-laws got me new binoculars and several bird books. I also like to knit. I’m pretty sure I’m actually 60 years old.

That’s a bit more about me! Happy Friday. I hope the weekend is a bit lighter for all!

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4 Responses to Refresher day: fun facts

  1. typhaine says:

    Lighter posts are so nice to read once in a while… I hope it was as relaxing to write it. And the sand! It looks amazing!

  2. EJC says:

    Loved reading this!!! I just did a really similar post!!

    Also, yesterday i had a conversation with a close friend about my current life and she made a comment about kinetic sand… I am waiting to post about it, but it was so strange that then today i read this!!

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