Sharing Hope

I think it’s an indication of how lackluster I’ve felt lately about writing that this post is about the season of Advent, and it’s currently Lent. The good news for my few remaining followers out there is that I’ve joined a Facebook group that will be encouraging me to write each day for a 30-day period for healing and renewal, so hopefully I’ll actually have the motivation to stick with that. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work and life lately, and of course the first things to drop off my daily plans are the things that help restore balance and energy in my soul: exercise, writing, time outside (well, the latter most is due partly to winter in Chicago). Isn’t that the irony.

Anywho, I had the wonderful opportunity this past Advent to take part in my church’s novel approach to a seasonal meditation. One of our pastors conceptualized a podcast-style reflection of the season, with each week leading to Christmas having a theme: Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. My wife and I were asked to interview each other (StoryCorps style, if you listen to NPR) about hope, and we agreed, knowing it would provide us a wonderful opportunity to share Anderson’s story and speak to hope after loss.

Here is our podcast, and our story (it’s the one at the bottom of the page, “Hope.”) Even if you’re not Christian, I think you will enjoy this (it’s not particularly religious). We loved being able to talk about Anderson; any day we can share his story is a good day.

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2 Responses to Sharing Hope

  1. Sara Mensik says:

    Oh my…what a gift! Love love love this! C! What a gift to hear your voice (I honestly didn’t recognize it in the least 😟 I am sorry…I guess it’s been a long time.) Beautiful story…I told my oldest son about Anderson and it was hard for him to understand…but at the same time he understands the concept that babies are born out of their mommies tummies and sometimes they can’t survive-they go back to heaven.
    Goodness C! So grateful to hear about your journey…I am sure you are super busy but I would love to see you and meet your wife and get our boys together 🙂~

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